The benefits of cost per maintenance and mobility are perfect for India market and the way of daily life in India

The benefits of cost per maintenance and mobility are perfect for India market and the way of daily life in India
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Titus, the Co-Founder of LUFT Cube, had been working for a German company and the largest LED company based in Taiwan, when first-hand experiences dealing with the uncomfortableness caused by allergies shadowed his daily well-being. Being inspired by the precision and minimalistic design of German engineering as well as the experiences gained from working in the LED industry, LUFT Cube was created to be a rebel in the air purifier market. Here is an interview with Mr Titus Chang, Marketing Director.

What specialized products does LUFTQI offer?

The portable air purifiers, ”LUFT Cube” and “LUFT Duo” were created for allergy sufferers’ well-being. LUFTQI combined the concepts of personalization and photocatalyst technology to create a consumable-free and personal air shield.

How did the idea for Rice Ear Ltd (LUFTQI) come about?

LUFT, the German word for “air”. QI, the same pronunciation with “air” in Mandarin. “LUFTQI” brings “Wellness on the Go.”

How is a product like Rice Ear Ltd (LUFTQI) relevant for Indian market? Will you customize the product as per the requirement of the consumer here?

Currently, we don’t customize the product for different countries for now. However, we solve pain points of all the air purifier on the market:

  1. Not for Individuals: LUFT Cube close to individuals, most hours in a day. Sleep+Office+In the Car
  2. Allergens to trap on filters: LUFT Cube decomposing formaldehyde video and destroying mold/fungus video 
  3. Changing Filters: LUFT Cube No worry for changing filters. Easy for use.
  4. Effectiveness: LUFT Cube with SPP Tech. works our Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Bad Smell, Pollens, Bacteria, and Virus 

With companies encouraging WHF culture, do you see it a challenge to create demand for Rice Ear Ltd (LUFTQI) products?

The big challenge is to expose LUFTQI to customers during Pandemic via digital approaches. However, we strong believe that WHF culture still much benefit LUFTQI’s concept that we offer the good and safe air around a person longest hour a day.

Give us a sense of the growth numbers in the last fiscal and the expected growth this fiscal?

We see a 50% growth rate YoY world-wide.

Post COVID consumers are being more conscious of hygiene, personal health and a better lifestyle. SO does this changing mindset help boost the demand for such products?

Yes, people suddenly have strong awareness of air quality. Because of Covid, Our products have attracted much attention which is quite good to expose our brand and introduce our patented “Solid-State Photocatlyst Purification(SPP)” neutralizing pollutants, odors, allergens, bacteria, virus, fungus, and VOCs convert them into water and carbon dioxide.

Why is India a lucrative market for LUFTQI

LUFTQI is designed to be no maintenance cost that needs no consumables/filters replacement. Moreover, LUFTQI is designed as energy-saving (2 USD/year cost for electricity) and supporting to operate by power-pack (5V). The benefits of cost per maintenance and mobility are perfect for India market and the way of daily life in India.

Which are the sectors in India that you see potential demand for your offering?

  • Personal use(resegmented market): Big air purifiers are difficult for people to bring everywhere and usually are placed at home.
  • Vehicle industry: The series of LUFTQI products remove bad odors in the car effectively.
  • Health industry: LUFTQI help to kill bacteria and virus which exist as aerogel in the air. To set in the hospital or just next to a person is a most easiest way to enhance healthy factors.
  • Lifestyle industry: The modern of design and vivid colours selections of LUFTQI makes it a good lifestyle product during the Pandemic. Also, LUFTQI offers customized graphic, logo and letters printed which create new healthy and lifestyle concept.
  • Gift industry(Customized version): Nowadays, people love to purchase some unique and healthy gifts. There’s a market for us!

What is the potential business you expect to garner in India?

LUFTQI would like to start with personal air purifier first, and further down to promote more our good design product and services into India.

How does LUFTQI. stand out against the domestic local products in the same category

1) SSP Nanotech: With UVA LED, SSP is more effective than HEPA when neutralizing pollutants.

2) No consumables: No consumable replacement required.

3) No Setup: Plug-n-play with one-touch power on/off.

4) Energy Efficient: Powered by USB type-C costs less than $2 per year to operate.

5) Eco-Friendly: No ozone produced.

6) Wellness On the Go: Compact and portable, enjoy fresh air even on the go.

How many countries outside Taiwan have you created your presence?

We cater to over 70+ countries worldwide including big markets like America, Canada, Germany, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia and United Kingdom

What was the strategic focus to partner with TPC?

TPC help LUFTQI to get sales channels and make LUFTQI aware to India market.

Do you have any presence in India? What are the business plans in India for the next 5 years?

We only have small retailer in India. We plan to set up an assembly facility in India subject to the good sales in India

How do you plan to expand your business in India?

Creating different sales channels and get sole-agency in India would be a key thing. Once the demand is created, the assembly plan could be executed.

What are the key challenges you face in the Indian market?

  • People believe big air purifiers are more efficient than the portable ones. Need some time to educate customers.
  • LUFTQI is new to market and has little awareness.
  • LUFTQI is yet to have solid sales channels across India

Post Covid how has the sector fared and what are your key strategic plans?

LUFTQI would like to create scientific way and increase quality of life for users. To play fearness is not our approaches. LUFTQI strives for Wellness on the Go.

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