RUBSP providing Insurance and Mediclaim of 5 lakhs for Auto and Taxi drivers

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The state will witness yet another change in the political demographics with Rashtriya Uttar Bhartiya Samaj Party coming into action. Vijay Kumar Sharma being the party leader has drafted a great plan of action, and to start with, he has announced a few privileges that would be benefiting the Auto and Taxi drivers. Due to the lockdown in view, auto and taxi drivers would suffer immensely from the coronavirus breakdown. To provide relief to them, the driver would be getting insurance worth 5 lakh and mediclaim of 5 lakhs on registration with the party. The party would also support the education of children of auto and taxi drivers. They will be implementing

proper and permanent shelters for them. They would also be assisting in financial problems like clearance of loans and debts.

To get all these benefits, the auto and taxi drivers have to register their names with the party. They need to provide a PAN card, Aadharcard, and two photos. On submission of the documents, they will be registered with the party, and an identity card will be provided and would be eligible for the facilities. Mr. Vijay Kumar Sharma is disinterested in vote bank politics and focuses on developing

the nation by practicing secularism and helping the needy. This philosophy of RUBSP has succeeded in provoking the curiosity of the urban educated youth. For politics, the formation of RUBSP is a tribute as well as a disruption. Tribute because it has accommodated one more political party and disruption because there is dissatisfaction among voters about the abilities of existing parties.

In his view, experts from all fields and genres should come and join the party, as their expertise would be providing exact and swift solutions. RUBSP aims to restore India’s standing in the world by rebuilding democratic alliances, strengthening the security workforce, and improve the GDP to succeed in the global economy. Focusing on primary problems like education, employment, women empowerment, drug eradication, helping the migrant workers, they desire to deliver bold actions and immediate relief for the families as all grapple with focalizing crises.

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