Rahul Hans: Adding a new dimensions to hospitality industry

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Passion is what distinguishes ordinary and extraordinary life. And the person who imbibes the mantras of doing things with passion, zeal& dedication ends up creating a successful story. One such person who has constantly followed this mantra of success is a young and enthusiastic entrepreneur Rahul Hans.

Rahul Hans is a founder and CEO of Tiro Hospitality, a group of innovators and consultants inspired by a highly motivated and ambitious team of experts, managers, designers, chefs and team leaders. Owing to his affable nature everyone in the market knows him as an enthusiastic & lively entrepreneur.

Born in Delhi, Rahul has always looked up to his father as his idol and followed in his footsteps. The caring and supportive family and friends’ company helped him develop a friendly spirit. He always enthusiastically engaged in social activities and enjoyed playing cricket and basketball as a child. Rahul follows his father in every aspect of his life, particularly at work. He had been accompanying his father since middle school, observing him seek and learn. As an entrepreneur, it was always his dream to make a significant impact and make his father proud.

Mr. Rahul Hans, began his professional career at the very young age of 16, managing many profitable restaurants, hotels & party clubs in Delhi & Mumbai.

Because of his presence as a newcomer in the industry, he used to assign an older delegate to his clients on his behalf. He had a knack for learning business skills and tactics quickly through observing others as well as closely following their work. He then widened his horizon and joined the intensely competitive food and entertainment business.

Today, having experience of 10+ years Rahul knows what it takes for a restaurant to be operated. He is an expert in all aspects, from equipment to chef to brand management & marketing, and leaves no stone unturned to ensure his clients success. Rahul helps brands to expand into multiple outlets and create franchise models. He creates cost-effective strategies to maximize their margin, reduce costs, and improve profit margins.

He has grown into a prosperous young entrepreneur today. He has a profound conviction that he is working for his happiness rather than income. Rahul believes that “Money is the byproduct of your skills and hard work. Concentrate on excellence and pursue your dreams and passion genuinely, money will follow you more than you expect”. Rahul acknowledges the need for the youth of today and works on it tirelessly. It’s his success that fuels him to follow his passion.

As a 28-year-old who practices his aspirations strongly, Rahul wakes up each morning early and prefers to work out. He believes that the time while exercising in a fresh sunny morning is the best time to reflect and organize your day and life. He currently oversees several businesses dealing with food joints in Delhi, consults them on how to scale up.  He is encouraging youth to enter this industry by helping them open and boost their restaurant business at a much-optimized cost. He owns a commercial kitchen manufacturing unit, supplying kitchen equipments across India. In and around the town, his Tiro hospitality is on the expanding and evolving. In his extensive career, Rahul has helped popular restaurant chains grow and expand PAN India. Rahul is constantly evaluating many new ideas. Soon we will see him expanding his business overseas as well.

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