Parul University Selected to House a State Government Sponsored Supercomputer facility for advanced high-end computations

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Baroda, Gujarat [India] : The prevailing challenges in scope of education, have resulted in an increasing demand for the move towards education 4.0 amongst higher education institutions across the country. Pushing forward this agenda towards the digitalisation of education, the Gujarat Council on Science and Technology (GUJCOST) has been selecting some of the notable institutions across the State for the purpose of sponsoring the establishment of a supercomputer facility. Vadodara based Parul University was recently amongst the few institutions selected for the purpose of establishing this State Government sponsored facility. Various GUJCOST sponsored academic support initiatives have been organised for the benefit of the University’s students through workshops and seminars, and this new initiative will also provide the students with such a benefit.

The purpose behind setting up this facility has been aimed at the need to build and enhance the capacity of higher educational institutions, by providing a comprehensive platform for advanced high-end computations in scientific, engineering and academic programs. This facility will be an addition to Parul University’s research facilities and laboratories which have been serving the purpose of providing cutting-edge discoveries in the various fields of experimentation and innovation. Through this supercomputer, the University’s students and faculties will get the opportunity to utilise an efficient system for simulations and data analysis, which will increase the credibility of their research. This facility will also go on to enhance the technical fields of the University through digital literacy.

This supercomputer is a system which facilitates high performance computing and deep learning, thus with such a capacity, it will allow students to make the maximum utilisation of computing resources for the purpose of providing solutions to complex problems. With the ever changing trends in the scope of technology and innovation, Parul University has set up a stream of computer specialisation programs in Big data analytics, Artificial intelligence, Cyber Security and Internet of Things, and this supercomputer facility will upscale the practical exposure in these programs. Through this facility, the University will also go on to provide its students in other fields such as pharmacy, engineering, computer science and IT, applied sciences amongst others with a hands on learning experience. The University also intends to incorporate within its curriculum, various insights into the use and mechanism of supercomputers.

“Having such a facility installed within our University will go a long way in providing our students with the much needed exposure to advanced computing systems. The reason why this GUJCOST supercomputer is of great importance is mainly due to the fact that the industries are ever-growing and ever advancing in terms of their technologies and systems. Therefore, it becomes necessary for us as a University to upskill our students and faculties with the necessary competences which will go on to provide the highest form of industrial relevance. I am grateful for the faith which our State Government has in us by granting us the necessary funding for this establishment”, said the University’s President, Dr.Devanshu J Patel.

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