Animeta Scores Big With Campaigns In E-Commerce, Fintech, Interiors, Food And Education Categories

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Creator tech company Animeta celebrates significant success through strategic collaborations with marquee brands, Amazon Fresh Delivery, Godrej Geeves, Bajaj Finserv Barbeque Nation, NMIMS and WetterOnline. By providing impactful influencer marketing and creator commerce solutions, Animeta delivers tangible ROI for brands, generating near-term sales and long-term value.

Animeta Brandstar from Animeta, changes influencer marketing with technology, empowering brands to execute precise campaigns with ideal creators. One of Animeta’s notable collaborations includes WetterOnline, a provider of real-time weather news worldwide. This partnership aims to showcase WetterOnline’s weather and radar app to Indian farmers, offering crucial weather updates for agricultural activities. Collaborating with influencers such as Thalir on Instagram and Indian Farmer on YouTube, Animeta facilitated the dissemination of valuable information and solutions to support farmers in improving their practices and income.

Additionally, Animeta collaborated with Amazon Fresh Delivery to promote special discount offers on the platform. Finance creators like CA Sakchi Jain, Timebillionare Abu, and Divyanshu Jain showcased the monetary benefits of using Amazon Fresh Delivery through impactful content on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

At the Godrej GEEVES event, Animeta facilitated engagement with renowned interior designers, showcasing Godrej’s digital locks and designs. Interior design influencers such as Devesh Dizart Studio, Ajay Mistry – Shreeji Interiors, and Vidhi from the Blue Wall Studio were involved in the event, highlighting the innovative features and designs offered by Godrej.

Furthermore, Animeta collaborated with Bajaj Finserv to promote financial fitness reports aimed at correcting CIBIL scores. Influencers including Azfar Khan, Vivek Verma, Komal Om Sawale, and Dixit-Himbus utilised social media platforms to educate audiences about the importance of maintaining a good credit score for easier access to loans.

Also, Animeta brought on board famous food personality, Kunal Vijayakar to talk about popular food chain, Barbeque Nation and promote their food festival Dawaat- E- Lucknow. For one of India’s top most ranked universities, NMIMS, Animeta garnered traction through career influencer Ishaan Arora to talk about their BBA courses and its impact through his Instagram and YouTube channels.

Anish Mehta, Founder, Animeta, commented “We are glad to showcase our esteemed partnerships and the faith the brands have put in us. We are looking to change the game  by using smart tech to match brands with the perfect influencers and increase our reach across categories. We are focussed on delivering the story by creating meaningful relationships with the intended audience. In turn it is all about delivering real results, both in immediate and lasting value.”

Prioritizing ROI and performance metrics, Animeta Brandstar offers invaluable insights to refine influencer marketing strategies effectively. The platform seamlessly integrates advanced technology with managed services for comprehensive campaign planning, execution, and tracking.

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